Urological Supplies

Intermittent Catheters

U-Med offers a variety of catheters to meet your needs. We can help find the right brand and catheter for you. Please contact us to discuss what catheter is best and we can send you 

some samples.  

Insertion Kits

Insertion Kits or Closed System Catheters is a sterile, single use system. It includes a straight, pre-lubricated catheter tip with integrated collection bag. Also, most kits include swabsticks, gloves, a sterile wipe, and underpad.

Hydrophillic Catheters

Hydrophilic Catheters feature the extra comfort of a hydrophilic, water-activated coating. No extra lubricant necessary. It includes a water packet that is bonded directly to the catheter. 

Incontinence Supplies

U-Med carries a variety of incontinence products. We offer briefs, pads, underpads, liners, cleansers, wipes and protective underware.  We also carry male external catheters if that is what you prefer.